The MLS/MA is offered jointly by the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences (GSLIS) and the History Department. The joint degree offers students the opportunity to develop skills in the methodologies of both library science--including archival management--and historical research. Graduates will be well suited for professional careers in academic libraries, museums, oral history, document conservation, and public or private archives, and for admission into PhD programs in either History or Library Science

The 54-credit program can be completed in three years of full-time study. Students should consult advisors in either department to select courses relevant to their research and career goals. Students are also strongly encouraged to consider internships at local archives, museums, or academic institutions, for which either GSLIS or History credit will be awarded. Toward the end of the program, students will undertake a six-credit final thesis or project, under the advisement of faculty from both GSLIS and History.


Students wishing to apply to this program must apply online at this link. Follow the prompts to apply to the Library Studies and History Program.  No other form of application will be accepted.

An interview is required for admission, and applicants will be contacted after the committee has read their materials.  Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Requirements (totaling 54 credits):

  • LBSCI 700. The Technology of Information
  • LBSCI 701. Fundamentals of Library and Information Science
  • LBSCI 702. Information Sources and Service: General
  • LBSCI 703. Introduction to Organization of Information
  • Any other four LBSCI graduate courses
  • HIST 791. Introduction to Historical Research (to be taken as one of the student’s first courses in History)
  • Any other seven HIST graduate courses
  • Thesis/project (6 credits): LBSCI 709. Research in Library and Information Studies and HIST 792. Research and Writing (to be completed at or near the end of the dual degree).