Fellowship and Keynote Addresses by Prof. Rossabi

We are delighted to congratulate Distinguished Professor Morris Rossabi on his acceptance of a fellowship from the Invited Scholars programme at the  Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Founder’s Collection! Prof. Rossabi will be worth with the Far-Eastern Art collection in Lisbon, Portugal.

Prof. Rossabi had a busy summer, delivering a keynote speech at Bonn University on "Ming China and Tribute Relations" at a conference on Tribute in China in July and another keynote at NYU-Shanghai on "The Mongols and World History" at a conference on Eurasian Connections. This December, he will also be speaking on "Yuan Dynasty Porcelains" at I Tatti, the Harvard Center in Florence.

Prof. Amy Chazkel awarded NEH fellowship


Amy Chazkel, Associate Professor of History at QC and the CUNY Graduate Center, was awarded a prestigious NEH Fellowship for University Teachers for her project "Urban Chiaroscuro: Rio de Janeiro and the Politics of Nightfall."  The grant is highly competitive.  This year only 86 awards were made in the national competition. Congratulations, Professor Chazkel!