With the permission of the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), as many as three (3) GRADUATE COURSES may be taken as part of the completion of the BA degree in History.  These courses (i) may satisfy the requirement for one course in upper-division non-western history and/or (ii) may count towards the student’s concentration.

Applicants must have a 3.7 GPA in History to apply.  Applicants are required to submit by email attachment to the DGS an application consisting of: 1) a writing sample of 2 pages or more demonstrating some of the student’s best work in a QC History course; 2) the full names of 2 History Department faculty members or instructors who have agreed to serve as the student’s recommenders (no formal letter of recommendation needed); and 3) CUNY ID number.  Applicants may submit a paper copy of this application to the History Department Main office if you wish, but only in addition to the email application.  Applications will be reviewed by the History Department’s MA Admissions Committee on a rolling basis (no application deadline).

Students approved by the DGS to begin the Accelerated MA in History may take any History 700 level course except HIST 791, HIST 792, or HIST 796.