Honoring David Syrett

Professor Elena Frangakis-Syrett has recently taken on the task of adding the Navy Records collection of publications by the late Queens College history department faculty member, David Syrett, to her donation of Professor Syrett’s many works to the College’s Rosenthal Library. Read more about Prof. Syrett’s impressive contributions to military history here.

Congratulations to David Pultz!

The History Department congratulates David Pultz, a graduate student at City College and member of our Beta-Tau chapter. David won Phi Alpha Theta’s 2018 Nels Andrew Cleven Founder’s Prize for a graduate paper. His paper is titled,“Transnational Human Rights Norms Come of Age: Assertions, Influences, and Continuities in the Helsinki Final Act.”  

David also won this prize in 2017 for another research paper titled, “On the Tiger’s Back: The George W. Ball Memorandums and the Johnson Administration’s March Toward Escalation in Vietnam, 1964 - 1965.”


Fellowship and Keynote Addresses by Prof. Rossabi

We are delighted to congratulate Distinguished Professor Morris Rossabi on his acceptance of a fellowship from the Invited Scholars programme at the  Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Founder’s Collection! Prof. Rossabi will be worth with the Far-Eastern Art collection in Lisbon, Portugal.

Prof. Rossabi had a busy summer, delivering a keynote speech at Bonn University on "Ming China and Tribute Relations" at a conference on Tribute in China in July and another keynote at NYU-Shanghai on "The Mongols and World History" at a conference on Eurasian Connections. This December, he will also be speaking on "Yuan Dynasty Porcelains" at I Tatti, the Harvard Center in Florence.