interviews& talking head appearances

Talking head for the Netflix docudrama “The Last Czars” (Katherine Pickering Antonova, released July 2019)

Brooklyn Paper Radio, “The oft-overlooked doctor who blazed the trail for black female physicians in Bklyn and beyond” (Erin Wuebker, March 26, 2019)

History News Network, What I’m Reading: An Interview with Russianist Historian Katherine Antonova (February 24, 2019)

Brooklyn History Podcast: “Cholera in Brooklyn” (Erin Wuebker, September 28, 2018)

Brooklyn History Podcast: "Brooklyn’s Pioneering Women Doctors" (Erin Wuebker, May 14, 2018)

"Southern Symbols," Speed Museum, Louisville, KY "Of Monuments and Men, J. Marion Sims" (Deirdre Cooper Owens, October 2017)

"Crown Forum Speaker Series," Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA (Deirdre Cooper Owens, September, 2017)

CUNY-TV: CUNY Campus Climate on Racism (Deirdre Cooper Owens, August 2017)

Brooklyn History Podcast: "Brooklyn's Veterans" (Erin Wuebker, November 22, 2016)

Al-Jazeera America interview: Black Lives Matter Movement (Deirdre Cooper-Owens, February 18, 2016)

Virtual Memories podcast: Angel, Lion, Ox, Eagl (Warren Woodfin, September 2015)

Al Jazeera America interview about the Confederate flag, in relation to the South Carolina shootings (Deirdre Cooper-Owens,June 18 and 19, 2015)

Pacifica Radio show Letters & Politics interview on Italian immigrant whiteness (Peter G. Vellon, March 11, 2015)

Talking Head for PBS Documentary, The Italian Americans (Peter G. Vellon, original air date February 24, 2015)

CUNY-TV: Italian Immigrant Newspapers and the Construction of Whiteness (Peter G. Vellon, February 2015)

Fair Observer interview: An Ordinary Marriage (Katherine Antonova, August 2014)

New Books in Russian & Eurasian History Podcast (Katherine Antonova, August 17, 2014)

WBEZ Chicago interview: Hamburg's rock history (Julia Sneeringer, February 27, 2013)

American empire: a discussion of Dr. Joshua Freeman's new book, American Empire, 1945-2000: The Rise of a Global Power, the Democratic Revolution at Home (2012) (Joshua Freeman, David Harvey, David Nasaw, Linda McGirr, Adolph Reed, February 22, 2013, CUNY Graduate Center)

Early banking in the Ottoman Empire and Ottoman monetary system in the 1840 (Elena Frangakis-Syrett, May 28, 2012, Institut Francais d'Etudes Anatoliennes, Istanbul)

"Untidy History: The Cairo Geniza Documents and Inter-Confessional Contacts" (Arnold Franklin, March 20, 2012, Metropolitan Museum of Art)

NPR interview: Good Divorce (Kristin Celello, August 24, 2011)

Interview on the NPR program "On Point": Searching for Genghis Khan (Morris Rossabi, August 4, 2011)

NPR interview: Affordable Manhattan, Co-Ops Keep the Dream Alive (Joshua Freeman, July 5, 2011)

NPR interview: Happily Ever After, A History of Marriage (Kristin Celello, February 2011)

Talking head for the documentary "Divorce: Circa 1960s", featured on the Mad Men Season Four DVD (Kristin Celello)

CUNY-TV: Working Class of New York City (Joshua Freeman, July 2010)

CUNY-TV: Making Marriage Work (Kristin Celello, February 17, 2010)

podcast hosting & blogs

New Books in Military History Podcast (Bobby Wintermute, host)

Das Blog (Satadru Sen)

Blog on Teaching and History (Katherine Pickering Antonova)

American Historical Association Guest Blogger: "Clothes as Historical Sources: What Bloomers Reveal about the Women Who Wore Them" (Laura J. Ping, Adjunct Lecturer, February 13, 2017)

Black Perspectives, African American Intellectual History Society Blog Post: "Racebending and Representation in Comic Books" (Bryan Cooper Owens, Director of Africana Studies, February 6, 2017)

Nursing Clio Blog Post: "Parental Guilt & STIs: A Historical Look" (Erin Wuebker, November 30, 2016)

Notches Blog Post: "Taking the Venereal Out of Venereal Disease: The 1930s Public Health Campaign against Syphilis and Gonorrhea" (Erin Wuebker, May 31, 2016)

NYU Press Blog Post: “Nation of Newcomers” (Peter G. Vellon, Associate Professor of History, December 3, 2014)

Oxford UP Blog Post: "Stay-at-home dads aren't as new as you think" (Katherine Pickering Antonova, Associate Professor of History, January 8, 2013)

UNC Press Blog Post: "Divorce and the Recession's 'Silver Lining'?" (Kristin Celello, Associate Professor of History, March 29, 2011)

Sandy Plácido in The Washington Post: “How Puerto Ricans Overcame American Repression to Topple a Governor (August 2, 2019)

Julia Sneeringer in The Journal of Music: "Why Was Hamburg the Perfect Fit for the Beatles?" (August 22, 2018)

Katherine Antonova in The Washington Post: "America Needs the Humanities More than Ever, So Why Have We Abandoned Them?" (September 18, 2017)

Lawrence Cappello in The Wall Street Journal: "Reports that 'Privacy is Dead' Have Been Greatly Exaggerated" (September 5, 2017)

Katherine Antonova in The Washington Post: "How the British Defeated Homegrown Fascism" (August 16, 2017)

Katherine Antonova in The Huffington Post: "The GOP Is No Longer a 'Conservative' Party" (July 25, 2017)

Lawrence Cappello in The Hill: "What a Trump Presidency Could Mean for US Privacy Rights" (October 27, 2016)

Lawrence Cappello in The Atlantic: "Can Government Function without Privacy?" (November 1, 2015)

Lawrence Cappello in The Nation: "Privacy and the Profit Motive" (May 4, 2015)

Lawrence Cappello in The Hill: "Privacy's Best Hope: Keep It Profitable" (January 15, 2015)

op-eds & Other POpular Press Articles

Warren Woodfin guest-curated an exhibit at the Godwin-Ternbach museum, which was covered by the Queens Chronicle (October 2018)

Elena Frangakis-Syrett's new book profiled in QView (May 2018).

Member Profile of Elena Frangakis-Syrett in International Maritime History Association newsletter (September 2017)

"Professor Briefly Interrupts Governor Cuomo's Budget Speech, Occupy Style" (Grace Davie, January 19, 2012)

Grace Davie's call-in comments to the Brian Lehrer Show about the Occupy Wall Street movement (October 12, 2011)

Kristin Celello was quoted in the New York Times article "Same-Sex Couples Criticize Waiting Periods for Marriage." (July 11, 2011)

media mentions